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We help homeowners in difficult situations with straight forward solutions.

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We help homeowners in difficult situations with straight forward solutions.

Direct Cash Home Buyer John Lemon Buys Houses Fast
John Lemon and the Team at Direct Cash Home Buyers

At Direct Cash Home Buyers, you will help you find the fastest way to sell your home. We are local home buyers, we pay cash, close quickly, and we can help you move out and move on.

Fast-Track Your House Sale

We have created a fast-track way for you to sell your property.

Typically, if you put your property on the market with a realtor you will need to pay for necessary repairs, leave your home for showings, wait for the bank to approve the seller and worry about contingencies that might come up before the closing.

Then you have to pay realtor commissions, concessions for the buyer, and usually cover all the closing costs.

When we buy your house, we can cover all repairs, fees and closing costs.

Win-Win Solutions for Selling Your House

No waiting for the buyer to get their mortgage approved. We buy houses in as-is in any condition, we pay cash, we cover all closing costs, and we close quickly.

We’re here to find win-win solutions for everyone.

How We Determine Our Offer for Your House

Based on the location, size and condition of the property, we come up with the highest possible number we would be able to pay to take it off your hands.

We do not throw out random low-ball offers. Besides a direct cash offer, we can offer creative financing solutions as well. This could be in the form of a Lease Option Contract or an Owner Finance Sale.

Our Goal for Your House

Our goal is to improve the properties in the areas we serve. We renovate houses to be the best in the neighborhood and be a benefit to the community.

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